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23rd November, 2009

An amazing piece I read on Outlook today, something that really moved me. A public service advertisement, at the invitation of Outlook by TapRoot India (the guys behind the amazing Ganesh Chaturti ads on Times of India). Aptly titled “Guts”:

Not the money it makes. Not the pace its sets. Not the dreams it sells.

A city is made by the guts it shows.

On a day when you’re hit by 4 terror strikes in 15 minutes and half the city rushes to help instead of rushing away, that’s guts.

When you pay almost half the nation’s taxes in return for almost half its liabilities and still show up at work when the train services are disrupted that shows guts as well.

When you crush a man firing an AK-47 in a bear hug so that all the bullets stay in your body and don’t hit anyone else, that’s guts.

When you abandon your fancy car on a flooded road and wade on to keep an appointment with someone who’s probably just abandoned the Virar local, that’s guts.

When a cabbie drives a pregnant woman to hospital through bullets and grenades at no cost but overcharges the next customer to cover his loss, that’s guts.

When you open a wada pav stall next to McDonald’s and believe it’s fair competition, that’s guts.

When a cafe that’s been blown to bits by terrorists opens to record crowds in just three days, causing it to close early because it can’t handle the demand, that’s guts.

So the point really is this.

You can bomb our hotels and shoot out our railway stations. You can spill our blood and shed our tears. You can narrow our minds and widen our distances.

But what can you do about our guts?


The guts of a nation.

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  1. 23rd November, 2009 9:50 AM

    wow. that is an awesome and truly inspirational post! there are few things that no one can ever deter to null 🙂 !ncredible India!

    • kranium256 permalink*
      23rd November, 2009 10:30 AM

      i know! this was a really powerful piece .. a message that should be sent back to the originators of terrorism!

  2. 23rd November, 2009 9:58 AM

    Awesome and how true. Good that you posted. It should be re-posted in every blog!

  3. Navneet permalink
    23rd November, 2009 1:16 PM

    Most of that is normal stuff dude. Calling it guts would be like saying “I took the bus to the office today instead of driving”. The subservient everyday-ism of MOST of those acts (in any Indian city) is no grounds for acting patriotic.

    Courage is intelligent endurance. The way Indians endure this nonsense everyday is not intelligent, and therefore not courageous.

    • kranium256 permalink*
      23rd November, 2009 3:53 PM

      Umm, I’ll disagree on what you said. The continuation of everyday-ism is *exactly* what the “enemy” doesn’t want.

      And if by holding up those very everyday-isms, we send a message out to our “enemy” that we’re not battered, then why not?

      Courage, I believe, is fighting against odds. To walk in defiance of any fear that the “enemy” might want to install in you *is* fighting against odds. Isn’t it?

  4. 24th November, 2009 8:52 AM

    I agree with Navneet, but from a different perspective.

    So, really which city/country in the world has stopped doing any of these things in the wake of an attack? Is this anything specific to Mumbai? Its the same story across cities in India, Indonesia, US, and the likes. Its not about guts, its just that there is no other way out. It has nothing to do with Mumbai or any other city or with guts. It has to do with the basic human nature of moving on in life.

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