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Reebok Can Tone Your Butt

19th December, 2009

One day, I set out. Wore a pair of headphones, those nice bass-enriching ones, and let lose one very intense playlist of house music. The cool evening Bangalore breeze is extremely addictive. Especially when your insides are warmed with a takeaway Cafe Mocha, smugly fit in your hand.

Except when this blissfulness falls apart. On my walk, I saw this ad:

Reebok's Easytone Ad

Please, no.

“Simply wearing the shoe will get your butt toned. Take our 30 day challenge!”


Butt, of course?

I’m not surprised they came up with this idea. Its a perfect product to showcase some lady lying around, wearing just her undergarments, apparently to sell sports shoes. A dark-ish tinge, very well shot. If this advertisement doesn’t catch your eye by now, then what will? When I saw it for the first time, I stared at it for so long (in disbelief, by the way), that the security guard nearby had to shoo me away.

Oh, and it tones your butt. As a guy, I somehow never concentrated, or ever felt the need to concentrate, on my rear. Its just there, and it doesn’t need any help. If it has to tone itself, it better do it on its own.

Ok, it caught my eye, but I wont ever buy this! So who will?


This is something I’ll never get. But the Easytone ad went deep down inside and struck a cord with (quite a few) girls. This ad is clear about what it wants to promote:

“Take the gym with you”

A culture of healthier living amongst girls – to “reduce weight” or “tone up”. There are many who join a gym, or start a morning / evening walk regime. And these numbers are just growing! Sports shoe sales are the first to detect this trend!

Thats the reality!

All this is happening because of one fact: more girls are buying more shoes. Women’s sports shoes is now an important market segment, and needs to approached in a different way. This ad hits hard at its target audience, and is very different from previous sports shoe ads (which always featured some sport, or sport celebrity!).

There isn’t much of a competition either, no other shoe company has directly hit out at this burgeoning market. In fact, I’m just waiting to see some kind of response from Nike, or Adidas. They’re losing this game for now!

It’s great to see this development: women’s sports shoes are no longer a niche market. It’s a sign that our shoe market has matured, isn’t it?

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  1. Nav permalink
    19th December, 2009 12:58 PM

    Did you notice the fact that the silhouette of the girl looks like a shoe as well? If you were driving toward it, the “shoe” would transform into the girl.. and you’d be like “woah, dude, that is the subconsciousness!”.. well not exactly that, but close. Would be nice to know the (pseudo) science behind the butt-toning.


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