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A Walk Back Home

20th July, 2010

The office bus screeched to a halt. My bus stop had come. I grabbed my bag, slung it across my shoulder and dragged my foot forward. Office doesn’t leave me with much energy. My feet dragged across the floor. Finally, I reached the door, gave myself one last push and plopped on the pavement.

That’s when it hit. The cool evening Bangalore breeze. It had a little crispness to it. Grey clouds covered the sky, still suffering from the sun’s dominance during the day. I knew it. I knew it was going to rain.

So I started my walk back home.

I must admit, though, that the roads in Bangalore are weird. Some gallop in straight paths, others take their time in slow curves. Cement gives these roads an authoritarian finish, hard, ruthless and almost unbreakable. Still, they’re haphazard from every approach. Some roads intersect too much, others just lie wasted in a dead-end. A dictator didn’t design them, just a person who loved doodling. A person who loved drawing squiggly shapes on small paper napkins when time permitted.

While walking I saw some interesting sights. A dog, parked under the car, who barely thew a glance at me. Ignoring the fact that she chose to ignore me, I walked ahead. A building came in my view. Well, not quite. It was still under construction, this boring cement building. There were some bouts of red brick here and there but nothing that could claim victory over the dullness of cement. It had arches, still drying, made of blocks put together with a patch of mud. The arches looked fragile, almost laughable, yet the gusts of wind couldn’t challenge them.

The sun was out of sight. Almost automatically the street lights turned on. It gave back to the roads what the sun had decided to snatch away, working tirelessly throughout the night. Quite an accomplishment, I must add.

There I was, in front of my lane, trying to recollect all that I saw.

The clouds, the roads, its twists and turns. The dog, the building, its bricks and arches. How can one forget the over-arching street light?

Finally, the last leg of my journey back home, onto 7th Main. It was fun observing all the small things, the useless things, the things that make up my walk back home everyday.

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  1. Priyanka the mazer permalink
    20th July, 2010 11:38 PM

    Don’t we all love Bangalore!

  2. 21st July, 2010 10:46 PM

    Dude, whats with the profound insight into life of late ?? anyways, lovely write-up.. Has a very Ruskin Bond feel to it.. Bueaattyy !! 😀

  3. delhizen permalink
    12th August, 2010 10:42 AM

    Isn’t it wonderful to feel the fragrance of rain in the air…! We got heavy downpour yesterday and I just bunked all my meetings and played in the rain, one of the best things to do in the world!

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