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One-eyed by Meena Kandasamy

19th February, 2011

Ms Militancy by Meena Kandasamy the pot sees just another noisy child

the glass sees an eager and clumsy hand

the water sees a parched throat slaking thirst

but the teacher sees a girl breaking the rule

the doctors sees a medical emergency

the school sees a potential embarrassment

the press sees a headline and a photofeature


dhanam sees a world torn in half.

her left eye, lid open but light slapped away,

the price for a taste of that touchable water.


Ripped off from Mint’s Free Verse, that excepted this from Ms Militancy by Meena Kandasamy available at Flipkart (link to paperback).

I am a new fan of Miss Kandasamy.

No really, on Facebook.

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  1. 19th February, 2011 6:36 PM

    Wow. Impactful. I’ve been her fan for sometime too. Just not on Facebook.

    • 20th February, 2011 10:53 PM

      I really like her strong stand on issues that concern the public, venturing into areas that many stay away from!

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