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Immigrants or Expats? (via Any Excuse to Write…)

5th June, 2011

Came across an interesting blog post: do read!

What really interesting is that in today’s flat world, many people still carry an Occidental / Oriental hangover!

Pal's post reminded me of some of the terminology which I get annoyed with. Have you noticed how people from developing nations, living in other wealthier countries, are automatically termed as 'immigrants', while people from wealthier nations living in less privileged nations are mainly called 'expats'. The assumption is that if you are from a less privileged nation, you are more than likely to be an immigrant, that you are ready to cast off you … Read More

via Any Excuse to Write…

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  1. 6th June, 2011 11:44 AM

    If you were an Indian living in Dubai- no matter what your social class, you were called an ‘Expat’. Not immigrant. And in the US, I was an international student and then international worker. Not Immigrant, though I could have been a wannabe-immigrant.

    Kuch bhi!

    • 9th June, 2011 7:20 AM

      Yup yup, an argument that is proved by “personal experiences” isn’t an argument at all 🙂

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