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"A dentist should not marry a manicurist. Because they'd fight tooth and nail over everything."

- Sudhir Pai

The Daily Diary of Dudley the Dog

31st March, 2012

This is just horrible. I’m pacing around my bed, mulling what to do. Why does this happen to me every morning?

Goddamnit, I need to pee!


Dad is still not awake. It’s a little rude to wake him up in the morning, but I invariably end up doing that everyday. So why should today be any different? I go upto his bed, put my muzzle in his blanket, push around, and finally smell his face. You know what works best? I cough at his face. Of course, I need to be wagging my tail otherwise this would backfire.

His hand starts patting me and he starts talking some sweet words. I persist. This is an emergency Dad! After a few minutes he sits upright, slides his feet into his slippers and gets ready for a walk.

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The Brilliance of The Dewarists

7th January, 2012

The slow dance of dust particles, exposed in the sun rays through the gap in the curtains, reminds you of the moment. The air of laziness permeates through your skin, defying your tendencies that speak of otherwise. The bed seems like a tempting place to be, the round bump in the pillow reminding you of where you were a minute ago. You look down at your feet, little podgy toes popping out of your ever-comfortable pyjama.

Reluctantly, you turn around. It’s morning. The time when everyone gets up. The maid has to come, teeth have to be brushed, newspaper and milk to be picked up before things get awry.

But …

You navigate your room with the 2D vision of one eye. The other one refuses to get up, especially on Sunday. You fumble, hands outstretched to break breakable things instead of avoiding the chair. You press a switch, tap a button, turn a knob and stop.

Music from The Dewarists slowly fills the room. Smooth, delectable. You take a few steps back and – in a subtle movement – slip into the still-warm bed. While your body rests, your mind races. The sounds, the layers, the fleeting note. Mixing, merging, forming new sounds, new experiences.

This is what music should be.

The Dewarists

If you haven’t already, head over to and download all 10 tracks from the first season. I’ve been listening to them after they were aired, but still haven’t been able to “move on” to other music for the past few months.

Especially when you went on the special journey behind the music, behind the faces, behind the riffs and taals. You can judge the nuances of each artist, measuring the blend of different philosophies towards music and revel at the energy, effort and excellence behind every bar.

This is what music should be.

A Cassette in Hand is Worth Two on the Stand

27th November, 2011

CassetteJust the other day, I found a cassette.

Shoved in one corner it was just collecting dust, but it was a fresh blank (an awesome 120-minute one). I tore off the plastic wrapper and immediately clicked the case open.

It’s been years since I heard that click.

You remember the sound made by those two round blobs at each end of the case, right?

In my yesteryears, I used to spend a lot of time on music. Collecting, listening, archiving, cleaning and even putting the right cassettes back into the right cases. Hours, even complete weekends would go by just doing all these things.

Discovering Music

If friends or cousins came over to your house, they came with cassettes. That’s how I was introduced to most of the latest songs or bands. I still remember hearing ‘Korn’ for the first time when a cousin came over with a cassette tucked into his cargos. We closed the door, quietly put the cassette in and played it on very a very low volume. I barely heard it, but I badly wanted it.

You see, Korn had extremely abusive lyrics. And this stuff is still a rage in school. At that time, if a cassette had a “Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics” sticker on it, it was guaranteed to sell.

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[Interview] This is Why Kolaveri Di

22nd November, 2011

Pa pa pa ppaan- Pa pa pa ppan- Pa pa pa ppaan pa pa ppan

sariyaa vaasi ..

This half-song in half-English teaches almost half of India the importance of half-hearted efforts.

Say Whaat?

‘Why This Kolaveri Di’, a song written and sung by Tamilian actor Dhanush has taken Youtube hostage. With a million views in just four days flat, it’s allegedly the most viral video ever.

Why This Kolaveri Di

Of course, Inspector Mochachilo had to find out more. How did this sensation start? What made it so special in the first place? Well, there’s nothing better than talking face-to-face with a Tamilian. Enter Prajwal (name not changed), a 20-something techie based in Bangalore who’s guzzled Tamil movies (and chicken) since his childhood.

The Interview

Me: Yo! Wasaaap? How’s it hangin’ yo? Dawg man yo yo!

P: Huh?

Me: *clears throat*. Okay. Hi. Let’s start this interview, shall we? First, have you heard Kolaveri Di?

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Resume Building

15th October, 2011
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Resumes are an intricate yet inconsequential part of a job application process.

After all the effort you put in – organizing fests and running marathons across the world – you really want to say just this:

The Awesome Resume


Employers only see this:

The Real Resume

Save paper! Stop giving out resumes.

La Tomatina is Not India’s Culture?

18th September, 2011

Yet again self-elected citizen representatives and their political pawns have decided for the benefit of mankind that Bangalore’s first ever “La Tomatina” fest must not occur.

La TomatinaIt was supposed to happen today.

Ha! I wasn’t going to go anyway. Why would I want to waste my Sunday and blow away Rs. 1199 per ticket just for a free complimentary drink. That’s around 18 bottles of beer, or 6 rum-and-cokes, or 9 plates of Chilli Chicken, or if I still haven’t enticed y0u enough that’s 300 cups of chai at your friendly neighbourhood chaiwalla.

However, I Have Issues

Of course. How else can someone keep writing on a blog? (Haha!). No seriously, the arguments presented to convince the general public (ie, sensationalize the topic and give the news channels something to call breaking news) seem very retarded and full of .. umm .. rotten tomatoes.

Are we that gullible?

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Why Did YOU Protest for Anna Hazare?

28th August, 2011

You. Yes, you, middle-class Indian. Why did you go out and protest for Anna Hazare? Don’t you have work to do? Or kittens to feed? What about that broken tap in the kitchen? It’s not going to fix itself, I can tell you that. What happened to Prince Useless of South Bangalore? The one who slouched in front of the TV and snored in front of the computer!

You wasted the whole Sunday for a measly inconsequential protest? Are you insane?

Anna Hazare Protest in Bangalore

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